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 L a Defense, situated in Puteaux – the impressive district West of Paris – by its sheer size is the first European business district. It is located on the famous historic axis:

Palais du Louvre
Avenue des Champs-Élysées
Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile
Pont de Neuilly
Arche de la Défense

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 T he 160 hectares of La Defense are divided into 4 sectors (North Arc, South Arc, North Esplanade, South Esplanade). This district stretches over an immense raised, paved area of 31 hectares which is uniquely dedicated to the pedestrians, which includes terraced gardens, ponds and about sixty displays of outdoor art.

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Emblems of La Defense

 W hat most symbolizes La Defense today is undoubtedly the Grande Arche of which François Mitterand was the instigator. Another notable building is the CNIT with its famous “triangular roof”. This Center for New Industries and Technologies (CNIT) was the first building built in La Defense in 1958.

This business district, lined with headquarters and offices, hosts the highest and most impressive towers in France (Cœur Defense, EDF, Granite, First)

 T hese towers are also witnes to the evolution of the district. The oldest are the Initial and the Europe. The second phase of development saw the tower Gan and Areva followed by Total (187 meters). Coming soon are the twin towers Hermitage Plazza which will be the new emblem of La Defense with its 323 meters (one meter less than the Eiffel Tower).

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Live and Work on LA DEFENSE in Complete SAFETY

Puteaux: a city where lifestyle is sweet


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La Defense is a district of the commune of Puteaux which has divided its territory into 10 districts. Very sensitive to security, the city took, in 2006, important provisions to enable its inhabitants to live in peace: the local contract security and prevention of delinquency. These measures aim to improve even more the feeling of confidence to residents and tourists by being vigilant – in particular towards the safety of people, goods and public spaces. The results are edifying: in Puteaux delinquency reduced by 24% in a few years.

Thanks to a remarkable organization of the National Police, municipal police and other bodies, their regular prevention and deterrence actions, the commune of Puteaux can today boast of being cited as a safe and pleasant city. This fact was confirmed by a recent survey conducted by BVA, published in Le Parisien which reveals that 92% of employees consider La Defense as a district where it is good to work.


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No fewer than 166 CCTV cameras have been set up to ensure maximum security in Puteaux. The creation and development of the Urban Supervision Center (CSU), a central videoprotection and telemonitoring station, has thus become a hub of the city. The use of cameras, tools of deterrence and prevention, have become indispensable to maintain the tranquility necessary for an indisputable quality of life.

La Defense and Art

 T his district offers visitors an open-air museum with its 60 monumental contemporary art sculptures and 20 basins including 2 monumental:

L’Araignée RougeAlexander Calder. Sculpture 15 meters high located not far from the tower Total

Personnages Fantastiques”  Joan Miró

La Cheminée”  Raymond Moretti. High of 32 meters and made up of hundreds of colored tubes.

Le PouceCésar Baldaccini, Sculpture of 12 meters.

La fontaine monumentale”  Yaacov Agam

La danseShelomo Selinger. A set of 35 carved flower boxes, spread over the 3,600 m² of the Place Basse of Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle

Le bassin”  Takis. Picking up enigmatic signals, this work closes the slab towards the East.

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The Famous Characters of the Hauts-de-Seine.

 B ecause of its geographical location, the Hauts-de-Seine were and still are a crossroads of various personalities, be it in the artistic, political, scientific field. Formerly, this was explained primarily by the proximity of Paris and at the same time it was also its distance from the trepidation of the capital which made it a high place of holiday.

Impressionist painters made it one of their fiefs, painting the landscapes of the department like Monet with his paintings on the banks of the Seine. Rodin, for his part, carved a large part of his works in his town of Meudon.

The brother of Louis XIV, when he had the sumptuous Parc de Saint-Cloud, told at Le Nôtre to draw 460 hectares of gardens, fountains and sculptures.
It is impossible not to mention Josephine and Napoleon who lived in their castle at Rueil-Malmaison.

So many prestigious places attracting millions of tourists today.

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